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DXC Bionix: Journey to Zero Ops

Learn about DXC Bionix, our Industrialized Delivery Model, and the journey to Zero Ops.

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DXC Thrive on Change

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DXC announces the DXC Technology 600 Indy Car race

Watch Gary Stockman announce the 600 Indy car race at the Texas Motor Speedway Media Day event. Race day is June 9, 2018

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Launching DXC

Launching DXC Technology

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DXC Brand Video

Video launching DXC Brand.

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How ENVISION helps client’s create their digitalization strategies

Learn about the ENVISION process and how the Practice helps clients on their digitalization journeys.

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Journey to Digital Government — Sales Video

Michael Conlin discusses freeing up resources for front-office innovation that directly impacts the citizen experience, and using highly automated IT platforms to deliver speed and quality…

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Transforming to a Digital Enterprise

CTO Dan Hushon talks digital transformation, the importance of having a 360-degree view, and the role of the digital platform.

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Building a Connected Transportation Platform

Mike Deittrick emphasizes taking a 360-degree view of the entire journey of passengers and freight to deliver a richer, more satisfying experience made possible by a connected transportation platform…

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Defining the Future of Digital Insurance

Brian Wallace asserts that insurers must create an entirely new set of products that inspire customer demand, anticipate and address needs, are simple and flexible, and offer a holistic value…

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Enabling the Enterprise Through Hybrid Cloud

Jim Miller talks about leveraging hybrid cloud environments to eliminate the restrictions of a traditional IT approach, creating an infrastructure that meets the demands of business stakeholders,…

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Healthcare 3.0 is Digital

Femi Ladega talks about transforming digital care by tapping into mobility, automation, intelligence, information sharing and more to turn the deluge of data into personalized, actionable insights…

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Thriving on Enterprise Data and Analytics

Dragan Rakovich talks about how to use data and advanced analytics as competitive assets everywhere, raising your organization’s “Analytics IQ” to improve productivity, make faster…

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Managing Enterprise Risk in a Connected World

Chris Moyer discusses embracing an enterprise risk management strategy that includes legal, regulatory and political considerations and focuses on security, continuity and resilience, with all levels…

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Agile Applications and Digital Experiences

JP Morgenthal and Chris Nokkentved describe the importance of the modern application platform to create new customer-friendly services, unlock data from older applications, and build the foundation…

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Empowering Workforces with Invisible IT

Marc Wilkinson focuses on user experience and self service, embracing emerging technologies such as AI, embedded devices and real-time contextually aware analytics to achieve transformational changes…

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